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2016 Colon Cancer Awareness

2016 Colon Cancer Awareness

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month so there is no better time than now to spread the word on the importance of colon cancer screening.  This is a cancer that can be beat and often can be prevented with routine screening exams.  A colonoscopy is a painless procedure that can literally save your life. 

Matthew Eidem, MD

Colon Cancer Awareness Events in Plano, TX area

Colon Cancer Facts

  • Colorectal cancer is the #2 leading cause of cancer deaths among men and women in the U.S. combined.
  • 1 in 3 adults aged 50-75 are NOT up-to-date with recommended colorectal cancer screening.
  • In 2016, approximately 140,000 adults will be diagnosed with colon cancer in the U.S. and 50,000 people are predicted to die of the disease.

Reference: http://fightcolorectalcancer.org/prevent-it/facts-about-colorectal-cancer/

What is Colon Cancer screening?

The National Cancer Institute describes colon cancer as a disease in which abnormal cells in the colon or rectum divide uncontrollably, ultimately forming a malignant tumor. Benign tumors of the colon are usually called polyps.  These polyps can become malignant over time if they are not removed.

Colon cancer screening is the process of examining the colon and rectum to see if polyps or malignant tumors are present.  If detected in it’s early stages, colon cancer is a very treatable disease with a high survival rate.  The American College of Gastroenterology recommends that average risk individuals be screened for colon cancer at age 50.  Factors that could change the age when your doctor recommends that you should be screened for colon cancer are:

  • If you have a family history of colon cancer or polyps
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Obesity
  • Smoking

Is Colonoscopy the best screening exam?

Colonoscopy is considered to be the gold standard for colon cancer screening since it is the only colon cancer-screening exam that can both screen for polyps and remove them at the same time.

In order to make colonoscopy more accessible to patients in the Plano, TX area, Dr. Eidem offers an open access colonoscopy option to qualifying patients. Open access colonoscopy allows patients to schedule a colonoscopy without having an office visit prior to the colonoscopy.  This will save patients the time and the expense of an office visit.

Promote Colon Cancer Awareness in Plano, TX

If you know a family member, co-worker or friend that might be of age to get screened for colon cancer, I encourage you to share this information with them.  With early screening and testing, colon cancer is Preventable, Treatable & Beatable!

Matthew Eidem, MD
Matthew Eidem, MD
Gastroenterologist at Matthew Eidem, MD
Matthew Eidem, MD is a gastroenterologist in Plano, TX practicing since 2007. He is a member of the Digestive Health Associates of Texas (DHAT) medical group and serves on the executive committee for DHAT. He has a special focus on colon cancer awareness along with IBS symptoms and treatment options. Dr. Eidem received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 2000 and completed his Fellowship in Gastroenterology & Hepatology at the University of Texas Health Science Center in 2007. Distinguished honors include Best Doctor in Dallas award, Patient's Choice Award, Chief Resident and Intern of the Year at UT Health Science Center. His gastroenterology clinic is located at 3242 Preston Road, Suite 200, Plano, TX 75093.